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Super Rock Sunday 4-8-18
April 09, 2018 09:36 PM PDT
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Here's what I played: Sasquatch “Anyway”, Beastmaker “Mask of Satan“, Big Business “Blacker Holes”, The Obsessed “Sacred”, Nebula “Rollin' My Way To Freedom”, Brant Bjork “Evening Jam”, Fu Manchu “Don't Panic”, Satan's Satyrs “Succubus”, Ordos “Hounds Of Hell”, Aboleth “Captain Cheese”, High Priestess “Mother Forgive Me”, Electric Wizard “Wicked Caresses”, Ministry “Twilight Zone”, Cabal “Innocent Blood”, Goatwhore “Drowned In Grim Rebirth”, Dead Cross “Idiopathic”, Midnight “Penetratal Ecstasy”, The Crown “Ride the Fire”, Mastodon “Jaguar God”, Slugdge “War Squids”, Segregates “Roll 'n' Roll”, NALE “No Escape”.

Super Rock Sunday 2-4-18
February 05, 2018 08:45 PM PST
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Here's what I played: Boris “Memento Mori”, Degradations “Sea of Void”, Carved in Bone “Baring the Hammer of the Witch”, Las Cruces “Cocaine Wizard Woman”, With the Dead “Cocaine Phantoms”, Ancient Altar “Tidal”, Earth Prison “The Corinthian”, Buzzov*en “Paintake”, Bison B.C. “Drunkard”, Death from Above “Nomad”, Greta Van Fleet “Highway Tune”, Rival Sons “Destination on Course”, Devil Electric “Shadowman”, Kylesa “Lost and Confused”, Witch Mountain “Shelter”, Elder “Thousand Hands”, Goya “The Enemy”, Stone Cadaver “We Need Your Fucking Blood”, Ordos “The Infernal God”, Kyuss “Demon Cleaner”, The Wytches “Can't Face It”, The Atomic Bitchwax “Alaskan Thunder Fuck”, Sea Hags “Under The Night Stars”.

Scary Rock Sunday w/Miss Melanie & the Contessa 10-22-17
October 25, 2017 07:29 PM PDT
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I vant to thank my two witchy guests Miss Melanie and the Contessa for hanging with me today. Here’s what we played:

American Horror Story “ La La La Song”, The Wizard of Oz “The Castle of the Wicked Witch”,
Dopethrone “Chameleon Witch”, Down “Witchripper”, The Wizard of Oz “I'm Melting!”,
Coven13 “Witches Kiss”, Electric Wizard “Sadiowitch”, Broom Hilda “Witch Laugh”,
Broom Hilda “A Cup of Tea”, Cathedral “Hopkins [The Witchfinder General]”,
Acid Witch “Witchfynder Finder”, Broom Hilda “A Cup of Arsenic”, Kip Taylor “She's My Witch”,
Screamin Jay Hawkins “Spell on You”, Broom Hilda “Halloween Witch”, Doyle “Witchcraft”,
monty python “witch scene 1”, Black Breath “Eat The Witch”, monty python “witch scene 2”,
Angel Witch “White Witch”, Black Moth Cult “Redwitch”, Serpent Throne “Veil Of The Black Witch”,
witchiepoo “Zap the world “, Snow White “Magic Mirror On The Wall “, 45 Grave “Surf Bat”,
HorrorPops “Horrorbeach”, Snow White “Evil Queen Transformation”,
Serena from Bewitched “I'LL BLOW YOU A KISS IN THE WIND”, Snow White and the Apple,
Maleficent's Best Lines, Candlemass “Witches”, Broom Hilda “Mirror Mirror “,
Necrophagia “Hexen Nacht”, QOTSA “Burn the Witch”.

Scary Rock Sunday w/London May from Samhain 10-15-17
October 15, 2017 02:30 PM PDT
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I vant to thank London May from Samhain for hanging with me today. Here’s what we played:

Anton La Vey “Satan Takes A Holiday (Instrumental)”, Agent Orange “Bloodstains”,
Naked Aggression “Trending In Blood”, Midnight “Shock 'Til Blood”,
Devil's Whorehouse “Blood Nymphoman”, Samhain “Blood Feast”, Ritual “Abandoned Forgotten”,
Rat Patrol “Fist Fight”, Voice Of Doom “What I See”, Misfits “Vampira”,
Balzac “Space Vampire In Silent Noise”, The Fearless Vampire Killers movie trailer,
Bad Brains “Fearless Vampire Killers”, Macabre “Dracula”, Doomriders “Bloodsucker”,
Deftones “Bloody Cape”, Earth Ship “Blood Candy”, Brak “Count Brakula”,
Dethklok “Blood Ocean”, Cursed “Bloody Mary”, Danzig blood Aqua Teen Hunger,
Danzig “Bound By Blood”.

Scary Rock Sunday w/Chris Jimenez from Sinful Celluloid 10-1-17
September 30, 2017 11:03 PM PDT
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I want to thank Chris Jimenez from Sinful Celluloid for hanging with me today. Here’s what we played:

Riz Ortolani “Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)”, Bloody Hammers “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”,
Tweak Bird “Upside Down Frankenstein”, Edgar Winter Group “Frankenstein”,
Butcher Babies “Monsters Ball”, Deathwitch “Monster Perversion”,
Bugs & Gossamer “Monster Manicure”, Electric Sister “Monster Girl”,
Deadboy & the Elephantmen “High Monster”, Mastodon “The Wolf Is Loose”, G.B.H. “Lycanthropy”, Devil's Whorehouse “Howling”, Rob Zombie “Werewolf Women of the SS”,
Round Robin “I'm The Wolf Man”, The Mummy “The Mummy trailer”, Ghost “Mummy Dust”,
Bob McFadden “The Mummy”, Lil Tibia & the Fibias “It's the Mummy”,
Madman Mundt “Billy Mummy”, The Young Ones “Do You Dig Graves?”,
Brimstone Coven “The Grave”.

SRS Talk Like A Pirate Day 2017 w/Amy 8 Arms
September 23, 2017 11:35 PM PDT
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I want to be thanking the lovely Amy 8 Arms for arrrrgggghhing it up with me this year. Here's what we played.

Grand Magus “Black Sails”, Candlemass “Demon Of The Deep”, Cathedral “Ghost Galleon”,
Abbath “Ocean Of Wounds”, Viking Skull “Rape Pillage and Burn”,
Scissorfight “The Gibbetted Captain Kidd”, Black Cobra “Red Tide”, Swashbuckle “Scurvy Back”,
Ramming Speed “Dead Flags”, Orange Goblin “Red Tide Rising”, Mastodon “I Am Ahab”,
Made Out of Babies “Pirate”, Ides Of Gemini “The Last Siren”, Green & Wood “Siren”,
Dunsmuir “Hung on the Rocks”, Demonic Death Judge “Seaweed”, Rifflord “Solid State Sea Witch”,
Sahg “Blood of Oceans”, Bad Actor “The Kracken of Normandy”, Dethklok “Murmaider”,
Degradations “ Underwater”, Adam & The Ants “Jolly Roger”,
Pigmy Love Circus “Mutiny On The Bounty”, Altamont “Pirate Love”, Boulder “Kill The Captain”,
Bongzilla “Grog Lady”, Scissorfight “The Cruesome Death Of Edward Teach”.

Super Rock Sunday w/Johanna Sadonis of Lucifer 11-3-16
November 05, 2016 03:03 PM PDT
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I want to thank Johanna Sadonis from Lucifer for coming down today. Here’s what we played: Lucifer “Sabbath”, Gonna “Black Sabbeth”, Coven “Black Sabbath”, The Oath “Death Delight”, Goatsnake “Black Age Blues”, Satan’s Satyrs “Creepy Teens”, Lucifer “A Grave For Each One Of Us”, Lucifer’s Friend “Ride the Sky”, Bob Seger System “Lucifer”, Danzig "When Death Had No Name", The Oath "All Must Die", Lucifer “Purple Pyramid”,Church of Misery “Doctor Death”.

Scary Rock Sunday w/London May & Glenn Danzig 10-13-13 pt.1
October 14, 2013 07:00 PM PDT
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I vant to thank London May from Samhain and Glenn Danzig for sitting down with me. Here's what we played for this half:
The Outer Limits, Samhain "Halloween II", TSOL "Funeral March", Neurosis "Bury What's Dead",
Pigmy Love Circus "Bone Orchard", Shihad "Ghost from the Past", Gozu "Ghost Wipe",
Little Rascals "Spooky Hooky", Dax Riggs "Ghost Movement",
Inflatable Boy Clams "Skeletons".

Scary Rock Sunday w/London May & Glenn Danzig 10-13-13 pt.2
October 14, 2013 06:19 PM PDT
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I vant to thank London May from Samhain and Glenn Danzig for sitting down with me. Here's what we played for this half:
Portishead "Threads", Christian Death "Resurrection-Sixth Communion",
Fear of God ""Betrayed", Harley Hatcher "Satan", Satan's Sadists trailer,
Venom "Black Flame of Satan", Rosemary's Baby- "Hail Satan!", Danzig "Satan's Crucifixion",
Kiss of the Damned theme, Devil's Angels trailer,
Dave Allen & The Arrows "Theme from Devil's Angels", Danzig "Devil's Angels",
Misfits "Devilock ", Misfits "Demonomania".